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After many researches on the implementation of roof system in Iran, green waffle institute decide to produce a waffle slab formwork. What is waffle slab formwork? This system updates commonly methods in implementation of roof formwork. Green waffle system is nonpermanent formwork that is formed by the removal of formwork s after the concrete sets. Waffle slabs is nonpermanent formworks that is economical systems




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Our technical experts are ready for any consultation regarding the feasibility and analysis of your project regarding the use of the Green Waffle roof system in it. This consultation can be done free of charge in person at the offices or by phone.

Design and Implementation

Green Waffle Engineering Technical Group, with experienced and expert engineers in the field of waffle roof, is ready to provide architectural design services, structural calculations and specialized implementation of concrete skeleton with waffle roof system as a contractor.

Production and sales

Green Waffle Group is the first and largest manufacturer of waffle roof molds in Iran. These products in different sizes and materials can be sold to mass builders, contractors, executives and builders of the construction industry with the best quality and the most suitable price. Also, after-sales services, warranty and necessary trainings regarding implementation details will be provided by technical experts to waffle mold buyers during the implementation of the project.

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