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After many researches on the implementation of roof system in Iran, green waffle institute decide to produce a waffle slab formwork. What is waffle slab formwork? This system updates commonly methods in implementation of roof formwork. Green waffle system is nonpermanent formwork that is formed by the removal of formwork s after the concrete sets. Waffle slabs is nonpermanent formworks that is economical systems

Green waffle technical serrvices

قالب سقف وافل

قالب وافل

Green Waffle formwork


a good replacement of commonly methods in formwork technology

Green Waffle Waffle Roof
Green Waffle Waffle Roof



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Green Waffle Waffle Roof

Step by step guide to the construction of green waffle slab formwork system

The formworks is connected with nut and bolt. According to plan, these formworks assembled in two condition: one way slab or two way slab

Green Waffle Waffle Roof

In this step, vertical and horizontal supports like as box profile, Circular Hollow Section should be arranged.

  Jack scaffold shore is used to hold the construction steady. Roof deflection is applied according to building code. Waffle formwork is implemented in both cast in place joist and precast joist.

Green Waffle Waffle Roof

Waffle formworks and joists are placed on the supports according to the structure plan. Reinforcement is conducted based on detail drawing.

Green Waffle Waffle Roof

Due to the special design of the mold, the beam is executed in situ. With this method, all the problems of making the beam and transporting it are also removed. One of the other advantages of in-situ joist implementation is that there is no need to move the silencer in the main joists when closing the joist reinforcement. In the implementation of in-situ beams, the continuity of the concrete and the rigidity of the roof are well respected, which reduces the vibration of the roof during operation. It is also possible to closely monitor and control the size of the reinforcement and its arrangement until the time before concreting. After placing the rebar of the beams and the required reinforcement, the thermal rebar is also implemented.

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Waffle system provides an attractive ceiling that can be left exposed when possible producing savings in architectural finishes. electrical fixtures can be fixed in the voids
Green Waffle Waffle Roof

The concrete is poured on top of waffle box. Pouring concrete in this system is convenient and uses 30% less concrete and 20% less steel than a raft slab. After nearly one week (depending on temperature), waffle formwork will be removed and prepared to upper roof. electrical fixtures can be fixed in the voids.
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Elimination of chalk plaster design in parking

Waffle system provides an attractive ceiling that can be left exposed when possible producing savings in architectural finishes

Green Waffle Waffle Roof

Check the steel size before pouring concrete

Waffle formwork is implemented in both cast in place joist and precast joist. In this system, sizes of all bars can be check before pouring concrete.

Green waffle

Green Waffle roof cost reduction compared to other systems


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